Flight Case for 4 pcs of G-1 Beam incl. charger

Item no. 82051005

This flight case is customized for transporting 4 pcs of G-1 Beam and offers the possibility of charging the fixtures while still in the flight case. It is a professional Amptown-Case with SIP (Super Impact Protection) Foam Insert. Besides the G-1 Beams and chargers, it also has room for containing brackets/safety wires and power cables.

The G-1 Beam’s safety function ensures that the fixture turns off after three seconds when pan/tilt is being blocked due to the confined space in the flight case, thus leaving only the options of battery charging or preventing discharge of the battery during transport or storage. 

Dimensions: L:81 cm x H:62 cm x W:60 cm / L:31.8 in x H:24.4 in x W:23.6 in 

Weight: 43 kg / 94 lbs.

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