ProLight & Sound 2013

Friday, April 19, 2013

Wrapping up a great Pro Light & Sound, everybody in the SGM boot camp agrees that it was four days of pure success. The undisputed main attraction of the show, the IP65 rated G-Spot was the moving head that turned heads, once again putting SGM in the center of attention. 

This year’s Pro Light & Sound marks a great event for SGM. Everybody had put hard work into this show and we managed to establish SGM as a serious player in the lighting industry not leaving any doubt that we’re here to make a heavy impact on the future of advanced lighting technology.

Packed press event
Rumors about the presentation of the IP65 rated G-Spot had spread throughout the press and the interest was reflected in the attendance. Representatives from all major magazines flocked the SGM booth. With his bulldog’ish charm, SGM CEO, Peter Johansen, made sure everybody got what they came for: a bold and tangible demonstration of the G-Spot’s IP65 rating.

Brand transition completed
By purchasing the SGM brand in 2012 and bringing the entire setup to Denmark, Peter Johansen started on a tough, yet determined mission; to re-brand a mediocre lighting company into a heavyweight of the industry. By skipping the entire backlog of old products and develop new, cutting-edge technology, in just over a year he “phoenixed” the brand back in front – the position Peter prefers to take in all aspects of life. The trick is quite simple, says Peter: “There’s really no point in copying what others have already done. That won’t put you in the lead. My focus is always on new ways – ways to make the impossible possible. This way you not only meet the needs of the market, you create new needs people didn’t even know they had in the first place!”

Ultimate IP65 test
The grand finale of ProLight & Sound 2013 went down a blast. Throughout the entire show we had the G-Spot placed in a huge fish tank at the SGM booth allowing visitors to do their own hands-on IP65 test by pouring water on the moving head.

On day four of the show the G-Spot was to stand its ultimate test – a test that goes down in history as a world’s first: German fountain specialists Oase Living Water allowed us to test the G-Spot under the most extreme conditions: In the middle of a fountain sprinkling 2000 liters of water per minute! The stunt attracted a huge crowd who got to witness a world’s first experiment. A rough test which the G-Spot passed with flying colors!


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