SGM official technology partner at Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmö, Sweden

Monday, April 22, 2013

Hated by many – loved by millions

We’re proud to announce that SGM is official technology partner of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest that goes down in Malmö, Sweden 10-18 May 2013.

With 125 million viewers throughout Europe this will be a perfect display of cutting-edge SGM lighting technology.


Main Stage, concert hall for the finals will be equipped with:

52 pcs X-5

82 pcs SixPack (SP-6)


The Eurovision Broadcasting Union (“EBU”) has appointed SVT (National Swedish TV) to arrange, produce and broadcast the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 (“ESC 2013”). ESC will take place in Malmö, Sweden in the week beginning 10 May 2013. The final of the ESC will be broadcast live on 18 May 2013, from Malmö to approximately 125 million TV viewers in more than 45 countries.

The Euro Village
The city of Malmö has been appointed by the SVT to arrange and produce the Euro Village (“EUR-V”) under ESC 2013. EUR-V will take place at the square of Gustav Adolf in Malmö, Sweden between May 6th and May 18th. Hosted in the Trispan tent the Euro Village will be the ESC-Hub – the gathering point for hosting TV-stations, journalists, performers & artists in connection with the show, as well as other officials attending the event.

Tech specs
Due to our hardworking Swedish partner, Michael Uddh, SGM Sweden, Malmö has appointed SGM to be Official Technology Partner by sponsoring the EUR-V with light equipment and the following equipment will be installed:


Enviromental lighting in Trispan tent:

40 pcs SGM Giotto 400

40 pcs SGM P-5 RGB with 43° lens

6 pcs 15 meters sets of SGM LB-100 incl. drivers


Stage light in Trispan tent:

18 pcs SGM Giotto

12 pcs SGM P-5 TW

36 pcs SGM SP-6


Enviromental lighting in restaurant tent:

8 pcs SGM P-5


Enviromental lighting External:

12 pcs SGM G-spot (city of Malmö)

24 pcs SGM P-5



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