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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Summer German festivals masterminded by Go Audio Rental.

Go Audio Rental GmbH has managed to have its hands in practically all major festivals in the German speaking territories this summer.

Managing Director, Bernd Wittenberg, and his team has been travelling all over Germany and Switzerland during the festival season — including Greenfield, Southside, Hurricane, Highfield and M’era Luna — following their successful Billy Talent and Toto indoor tours earlier this spring.

And SGM equipment has been close at hand, as Michael Herweg, MD of SGM Germany, explained. “Bernd, whom I already knew from my days as a sound guy, came into our office in early 2013 and asked if we would be interested in teaming up for the major festivals in the German speaking areas. We then put together a suggested inventory – almost by cherry picking from the SGM portfolio – that could be used by Go Audio throughout the summer.”

A special challenge came on the rider of The Prodigy’s designer at Greenfield Festival in Switzerland. “To complement the band’s highly energetic, electronic dance music, he wanted to use a large amount of colour [XC-5] strobes and flank the entire stage with SixPacks [SP-6] as colourful banners on each side. The super-fast colour change and the energy efficiency of the XC-5, in particular, is absolutely world class and sets it apart from any other product on the market,” stated Bernd Wittenberg.

Immediately after the Festival, all SGM equipment was shipped to the two upcoming festivals —Southside and Hurricane in Germany; this amounted to a total of 44 XC-5 colour strobes, 24 X-5 white strobes, 24 SP-6 SixPack pixel blinders and 7 P-5 RGBW wash lights.

The X-5 and XC-5 strobes, SixPack blinder and P-5 wash light all provided unique effects on the stages of both Festivals and SGM products were also to be found in the setup of many headliners’ own tours – among these Billy Talent. Their lighting technician, Dara Guiney, was so excited about the XC-5 colour strobes that he did not want to return these units — in fact Billy Talent continues to tour – with even more strobes from SGM.

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