SGM Puts on a Rocking Finish to Rockville Musical

Friday, July 26, 2013

When Finnish rental company Tupamusa Ky was part of a selection team to form a rock musical, the company’s owner Kelli Koivunen also took the role as lighting designer of the show. Forming the entire core of the musical, Tupamusa impressively handled all installments of light, sound, trussing, and curtains.

The company Tupamusa was founded in 1993 and bought their first SGM products in 2006. With a background as DJ and LD, Kelli Koivunen comments, “I’m very satisfied with all of my SGM products, which I have used for several musicals and tours. And I’m gonna keep it that way!”

The Rockville rock musical was held in Ähtäri hall in Etelä-Pohjanmaa in Southern Finland from February 22 to March 10 with attendance records of 3,100 visitors. “There were about 50 actors and dancers in this musical and it was a great success”, states Kelli Koivunen, who was very pleased with the effects the SGM products brought to the show.

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