Motion Light ramps up with 300+ units of SGM’s powerful P-5

Friday, June 14, 2013

As one of the largest dry hire companies in Germany, Motion Light offers a broad product portfolio and professional knowledge. The company is continuing to invest in SGM’s innovative lighting products — including more than 300 of the extremely bright, low profile P-5 wash lights.

Managing director, Christian Kohl, states: “The P-5 is the first real, serious LED alternative to conventional architectural lighting products. With its small footprint, quiet operation, hi-tech design and very low power consumption, it becomes more than just an alternative … it opens up entirely new fields.”

“Another great feature is the interchangeable lenses that make it adaptable to many applications with the variety of 15°, 21° or 43° options. All this is topped off by the fact that no additional costs for lamps will be incurred over the lifespan of the product.

These units will slowly start to replace SGM’s Palco 5 FC (on which the design is based) and will immediately substitute all CityColor, LED Sticks or LED Par stock. Despite the substantial investment they have already made, Kohl sees potential for up to twice the current quantity within the next 12 months.

“All sectors of our industry are hungry for these new wash lights — from rock´n´roll stages to large booths at trade shows, and from summer outdoor festivals to TV shows,” he said.

The average rental job will deploy around 16 units of the P-5, but some may use as many as several hundred units, where exact matching of colour and brightness of the lamps is extremely crucial — another great feature of the P-5, believes Christian.

“With local backup from the newly established SGM subsidiary SGM Deutschland, Motion Light — in combination with several other rental companies — will guarantee permanent availability of the P-5s in the German market,” says Michael Herweg, MD of SGM Deutschland. “It is extremely important for other companies to be able to rely on, and invest in our product.”

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