Behind the Scenes of SGM Canada

Friday, May 10, 2013

When SGM Canada exhibited at the Solotech En Coulisse show that took place at Montreal’s Palais des Congrés on May 1st and 2nd, the entire new line of SGM products was on display.

Booth traffic was high for this annual trade show event, that is of great significance to the Canadian market, and the show left attendees with a new and very improved image of SGM that has never before been seen in Canada.

“After presenting the complete new line of SGM products at the Solotech En Coulisse show, the Canadian market was truly able to see and recognize the impressive developments that have taken place at SGM this past year”, says Anthony Evans, Product Manager at SGM Canada. “The feedback received from attendees throughout the exhibition was extremely positive and we at SGM Canada are very pleased to be showcasing the significant strides that SGM is making to develop a catalogue of unique LED lighting solutions under the new ownership of Peter Johansen.”

A product that received much attention was the SGM LED Balls, the LB-100, suitable for video curtains with its 360° viewing angle and alluring 3D effect. However, the rumblings of the launch of the G-Spot the month prior in Frankfurt at Prolight+Sound had been heard all the way to Canada, making for multitudes of questions and inquiries about the IP-rated moving-head with numerous functionalities.

Solotech En Coulisse was visited by a broad audience from the professional lighting and audio industry. Dealers, LDs, production companies, rental/staging companies and sales representatives all participated, while the future prospects of the industry also had arranged field trips and thus were represented by school groups studying in fields related to lighting. “All attendees at Solotech En Coulisse are indeed industry stakeholders, in one way or another, which makes the show a very valuable experience for exhibitors”, states Anthony Evans.

In the end, attendees were undoubtedly impressed with the new SGM product line and SGM Canada was left with many requests for quotes by customers and lighting designers who are anxious to use SGM products in their upcoming projects.

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