SGM expands the line of Pop Art

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Two new pieces of art have been added to the portfolio of SGM pop art, displaying the LED pixel products, LB-100 and LT-100, in a reinterpreted clubbing environment.

The collection already includes innovative aspects of the LED strobes, the X-5 and XC-5, and the unique pixel array, the SixPack.

When SGM decided to manifest the innovation in their products through pieces of art, their attention was instantly drawn to the Danish Pop-artist by the characteristic name; Martin Pop.

Martin approached the task with great enthusiasm, remembering Peter Johansen from his former accomplishments, stating “I find it very interesting to integrate your products into my scenes – to create a story and add soul into the somewhat raw, cool, technical products. To detach them from their usual environment and use them in a completely new way.” And that is indeed reflected in the result.

SGM has chosen this acclaimed, but controversial, art form for its ability to create debate around the perception of art in general meanwhile illustrating images aesthetically. Martin Pop is capable of providing the extra dimension of alluring and puzzling ambiguity wrapped in an eye-catching and modern package.

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