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Gatwick Airport’s RED LION roars with SGM pixel tubes

Gatwick Airport’s RED LION roars with SGM pixel tubes

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Sound Power creates 3D airside with 60 LT-200’s

As a preferred technology supplier for major pub brand, JD Wetherspoon, sound and lighting specialists, Sound Power are constantly looking to keep the offer fresh.

Since encountering SGM’s new portfolio of LED solutions at last year’s PLASA Show, and being given a chance to ‘look under the hood’, Sound Power director, David Ridout, has been regularly specifying and purchasing LT-100/LT-200 LED tubes from SGM UK’s Ian Kirby.

Sound Power’s most recent high profile installation for JD Wetherspoon has been the resiting of the Red Lion pub at the UK’s busy Gatwick Airport North Terminal Departure Lounge — which forms part of the redevelopment of the Terminal’s retail space.

It was Architect CT who first requested an LED curtain at the entrance to the bar, but Ridout took the concept up a notch after seeing the superior SGM 3D pixel tubes — providing the client with proof of concept, backed up by a two-year warranty. He has used 60 of the new two-metre length LT-200 pixel tubes to create the wow factor in a mesmerising 3D mapped display.

The LT-200 itself is loaded with RGB LEDs at 35mm pixel pitch — all individually addressable and DMX drivable via any proprietary media server.

The curtain at Gatwick is driven by the DVI-/DMX-capable MADRIX software. Custom graphics have been programmed to create genuine 3D lighting effects, such as waves or bars, along with graphics from the MADRIX FX library and bespoke classic FX such as aeroplanes, Union Jack and a glass of wine being poured. JD Wetherspoon also has the facility to write its own text and scrolls via the SCE Ticker.

The curtain itself has been installed on two sides — one facing out and the other looking back into the retail section. It is fixed to a bespoke iron bridge made by Sanderson Contracts and hung just like a normal curtain.

Designed as a feature rather than a lightshow its aim is to increase footfall. “The 3D effect is hugely impressive,” says Ridout. “If you are already in the concourse you can see the graphics as clearly as you can from inside the bar.”

The LT-200 Light Curtain switches on at 4am daily and off at midnight. “It’s all self-running so no operational skill is required. Everything is looped although the client can interact with it if required.”

He says that with the SGM warranty, coupled with the lack of moving parts, the display should be good for 100,000 hours’ trouble free operation.

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