G-SPOT ready for delivery

Monday, September 30, 2013

After its widely-acclaimed preview at Prolight+Sound Show in Germany earlier this year, SGM is now in production with the G-Spot LED moving head — with double the light output.

The initial prototype on display in Frankfurt has now been supercharged, and the IP65-rated LED spot has been designed to deliver significant luminous advantages — far more light output and colour saturation when compared with other market leading moving heads. For example, the blue registers up to 20% brighter, the red is 400% brighter while the green matches the best in class.

Explained CEO Peter Johansen, “We have not only managed to double the light output since showing the original prototype — delivering a brightness that now outperforms most 1500 watt discharge lamps — but we are also providing a virtually unlimited colour palette.”

Since G-Spot is water-, dirt- and sand-proof, there will be no accumulation of dust, or other externally induced impact on optics, gobos or lamp unit. Customers can thus expect significant time and cost savings in comparison with normal cleaning and maintenance procedures.

In addition to these attributes, this 850W high power RGBY LED light source also boasts many other important features.
SGM has introduced a patent-pending solution to ensure the complete IP65 rating of the G-Spot, with a Gore-tex pressure equalisation membrane fitted to equalise the air pressure. This allows air to pass through the membrane, while humidity cannot. The air humidity will be maintained at a constant level by the electrolysis process of hydrogen extraction which eliminates humidity — thereby creating the ideal environment for electronic circuits to function within.
LED lifetime
The G-Spot utilises a high voltage, low current process to ensure the highest possible efficiency of the LEDs — minimising junction temperature and thereby increasing the expected lifetime of the multiple LEDs.
Rotating gobos
The G-Spot has two independent rotatable gobo wheels, with five gobo slots plus one open position on each to control the shape of the emitted light. Each gobo is indexable, with bi-directional rotation.
The standard gobo set has been carefully selected and includes both breakup patterns, popular in theatrical applications, geometric gobos (perfect for mid-air beam effects) and full coloured gobos that help to create dazzling colourful shows. Standard gobos can easily be replaced with custom-made effects for further shape manipulation since SGM uses standard size ‘E’ (37.5 mm).
The positioning of the gobo wheels is designed to allow for focusing patterns or shapes into either hard, crisp, sharp edge or a softening of the edges as required.

Framing system
Aside from the 10 rotating gobos, the G-Spot has a revolutionary framing system (based on patent pending technology), allowing the G-Spot to perform beam-shaping techniques. Utilising two ‘L’ shaped gobos in conjunction with a sophisticated position/rotation method, versatile framing — with new possibilities for gobo animation and interaction — can now be achieved. A set of SGM designed gobos allows for the creation of user-controllable soft framing.

Effects Wheels
The G-Spot has two independent effect wheels for generating optical effects. The effect wheels could be synchronised for achieving continuous animation effect or used as two separate effects, creating irregular animation. Their unique design adds life, movement and dynamics to the gobos and they can be controlled in a stepless manner, all of which makes the G-Spot ideal for theatre applications. In addition, the effect wheels are interchangeable for custom lighting designs.

SGM believes that a lighting designer should not only see the benefits of their products, but should also respond to the design aesthetics — from the smooth surface, easy handling and compact design, with function and form combining to solve the challenges of their working practice. With G-Spot the priority has been to design a one-hand operational and ergonomic display, and a lock on the pan and tilt functions.

The RFID and NFC interface ensure easy set-up and procurement of data such as running hours, DMX address and error code. Even without unpacking or powering on the fixture, units can be programmed from a mobile phone, product data extracted, and current condition of the unit determined, enabling the user to assess whether it can be shipped directly onto the next tour.
Via the RFID or RDM, the end-user can access constantly logged data and use it for product diagnostics. This built-in, intelligent monitoring system will collect data such as the junction temperature of the LEDs, running hours, fixture temperature, level of internal humidity and air pressure. All data feeds the internal microcomputer which logs fixture status for health-checking, ensuring optimal running conditions and easy fault location.
Wireless DMX
G-Spot is compatible with wireless DMX and RDM for bi-directional communication with the most reliable technology.

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