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Smuk Fest

The P-5 makes green landscape even greener

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Providing an output of more than 2.5 million lumen in the beautiful atmosphere of scenic forest surroundings, SGM’s P-5 RGBW wash light made the green landscape even greener at Smukfest2013.

This summer festival is characterised by its location — in a forest by the lake — and thus justifies the description as being ‘the most beautiful music festival in Denmark’.

As a part of sustainability initiatives, the 100 P-5s were chosen to replace conventional lighting fixtures in the illumination of the tree crowns around the stages and the audience sites. This replacement enabled the number (and variety) of fixture to be substantially reduced from three or four types used previously, and a total of nearly 250 pieces, to the sole use of 100 P-5s.

Danny Tranekaer of Future Production, the person behind the design, was more than satisfied with the performance of the powerful wash light. “The cost reduction of generator power has been significant,” he noted. “With the previous equipment, mainly Par 64 fixtures, we had the light running 24/7 to keep the lamps warm for evaporation of water and mist.” But using the IP-rated P-5 this is no longer necessary and an energy saving of around 140.000 watts per hour made an enormous impact on the festival’s sustainability targets.

The old concept and design had provided many challenges during installation. However the P-5, with a 43 degree spread, could now in many cases illuminate the trees from ground level, easing the tasks of both the production and electrical teams, with far less cabling required.

The communication with the P-5 through RFID was a feature that the designer highlighted as a clear benefit for quick and easy modifications. “We used the RFID app to programme stand-alone mode for the full range, making it possible to change colour and modify the programming during the night for each individual lamp in just seconds.”

Tranekaer concludes, “The P-5 has all the features I was looking for. The light output is extremely efficient, so powerful that I actually needed to dim it for the illumination behind the stages. The SGM team instantly developed new software for this particular purpose, and the result was stunning. We gave the audience a true summer experience!”


Danny Tranekaer

Danny Tranekaer - Future Production

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