Accessories Launch

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

We now offer a range of new accessories that gives you even more possibilities with your SGM light products. For instance, the Barndoor 8-way with its 8 adjustable flaps is a convenient tool for controlling your light extremely precisely. Applicable for the P, Q & X Series.

Barndoor 8Way Small Barndoor 8Way P 5 01 Small Barndoor 8Way Q 7 Small


Another accessory worth mentioning is the SP-6 Hanger Bracket Set that gives you the possibility to mount multiple SP-6 SixPacks very accurately while maintaining the pixel pitch of 120mm, both vertically and horizontally. 


Sixpack Bracketparts Assembled 01 Sixpack Innerbracket Horisontalmounted 05 Sixpack Innerbracket Verticalmounted 03New


More items will be added to the accessory line during autumn 2014. So stay tuned!

Check out the new accessories here:

BBC-2 Dual bracket
Bcc-4 Quad Bracket
SP-6 Hanger Bracket Set
Barndoor 4-way
Barndoor 8-way
Accessory Holder Q & X Series
Accessory Holder P Series
Floor Stand
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