Finland turns on the light with SGM

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

SGM’s distributor in Finland, Noretron, has been involved in several projects recently, covering both the architectural and entertainment segments.

Besides being owner of Noretron Communication Ltd, Timo Kunnas is also majority owner of Opo’s Sound Ltd. Due to his extensive knowledge of the SGM product line, he was in no doubt when selecting a great colour palette, together with lighting designer Eetu Öysti, for two notable events. As a result, P-5 wash lights, Sixpack blinders and X-5 strobes, in addition to multiples beams, spots and washes, illuminated the stage for a concert attended by 850 guests, to celebrate the military services of Niinisalo. He then serviced a rap show put on by Finnish first line rappers in Honkajoki.

When asked why he selected SGM products, Kunnas’ reply was instant: “Unquestionably because of their innovative features,” he said.

When the Mid Nordic Region was looking for ideas for its cultural event including a food exhibition to be held at the Kauhajoki City Library, the Mid Nordic Committee turned to Noretron, based on their inspiring reputation. For the evening event, IP65 SGM products were selected to illuminate the building by the signage “Yhteistyöllä Parasta” which means to reach the best result with cooperation.

Kunnas explains: “Our key words for this instal-lation and what we intended to demonstrate was a mixture of Nordic cooperation, green policy, growth and good food”. This LED lighting installation went hand in hand with the Mid Nordic Committee’s mission for innovative environments and renewable energy resources.

Finally, the 19th century Vaasa Prison celebrated is 150-year anniversary with a three day event. The old prison is still in use, though it has undergone an extensive modernisation on the inside. Furthermore, as part of the prison, a shop has been established selling crafts made by the prisoners. The lighting installation was carried out using P-5 wash lights, carefully chosen for their powerful output and IP rating for all weather conditions.

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