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SGM enters the Bollywood industry

Monday, March 10, 2014


There is no end to the positive feedback provided by Light Craft & Sound’s Mr. Arjun Singh after having invested in the SGM LB-100 LED balls. The pixel effect has already been used for several TV projects and Bollywood film set through Corcoise Film, Tips Films, Sunshine and Laxmi Narsimha Production.

SGM’s distributor Modern Stage supplied the LB-100 stock to Indian rental company Light Craft & Sound, who also often assume the responsibility of the design and installation phase as part of their rental services. Company director, Mr. Arjun Singh, is impressed with his investment describing the products as having “the-first-man-on-the-moon advantage”, finding no local parallel and hence no competition. “The LED balls are easy to rig and operate which make them a hot favourite”, he adds.

Arjun Singh

Arjun Singh - Light Craft & Sound

Singh himself was involved in the lighting design and execution, according to the client’s brief, for Philips LED Lights TV commercial, featuring film actor Ranbir Kapoor. For the music video, the LB-100 strings, each containing seven pixel balls with a sphere of 28mm and two powerful RGB LEDs, created a stunning visual tunnel effect surrounding the singer and dancers, with mirrors applied to provide further perspective. “This was the first time we had used the SGM products and the experience was very good and of great satisfaction for the client and technicians involved,” states Singh, who is delighted with the many subsequent rave reviews. 

At Light Craft & Sound, being innovative is the buzzword, hence seeing great advantages in SGM’s LED technology-based, energy-saving, easy-to-rig solutions, with outstanding interfaces.

Another large-scale project including the LB-100 will be the upcoming Hindi motion-picture featuring mega star Akshay Kumar – ‘Holiday’. And Singh foresees more projects in the near future as their design team is engaged in new tasks. “We will definitely use them again. They are so easy to rig that it is bound to make them a hot favourite among everyone — from gaffers to directors of photography,” he concludes.

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