Spot on Adel Tawil’s DVD production

Sunday, November 09, 2014

26 G-Spot moving heads light up German castle as part of the setting.

Prince-Bishop’s Castle in Münster served as a background setting for a DVD recording of German singer-songwriter/producer, Adel Tawil. 10,000 fans were thrilled when Adel Tawil came to the transparent circular platform in front of the castle, which background setting presented a scenery of fascinating interplay of light and colour. The goal was to alienate the baroque residential palace by means of light with referrals to tagging which is normally known from the graffiti scene. 

Show designer, JoJo Tillmann (LesUrbanProgressives) states: “I wanted to do without dome protection from the rain and at the same time the lights should be enormously powerful on the colour reproduction of projections. Therefore, the choice automatically came to the SGM G-Spot, as it to my knowledge is the only professional moving head with IP65 rating with such a high level of light intensity. It all added up to 26 G-Spots – evenly distributed in front of the façade of the castle.” 

“The RGB engine of the G-Spot was able to create a result that was an entirely new lighting experience for me. Due to the increase in output in the color reproduction compared to discharge lamps, there was no drop in brightness in deep red or ultra-blue.”

“In my work as a show designer and at the same time as a light cameraman (DOP) for DVD production, a filmable, colored background is desperately needed," JoJo continues. "The G-Spot is unique in its performance class and opens up whole new possibilities!"

The SGM G-Spot is a 850 watt LED profile spot with very natural colors and intense white reproduction.

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