Roskilde puts on a fest with SGM

Monday, October 20, 2014

Roskilde Festival 2014 marked their LED strategy adding a vast number of SGM fixtures to their stages this summer. The scene was set with prominent lighting designers such as Michael Rahr, Christian Olsson and Kasper Lange. Each responsible for their uniquely designed stages.

On Arena stage, Christian Olsson deployed 80 P-5 wash lights inside the tent (another 14 units were used on the outside). “With the P-5 fixtures, we wanted to create a dynamic atmosphere adding effects during the concerts,” Olsson informs. Once the setup was in place, he could conclude that the fixtures proved so powerful in output that half the amount would have been sufficient.

The Arena tent accommodates 17,000 people, which speaks volumes about its size. The fact that only 14 P-5 wash lights were enough to light up the canvas impressed the lighting designer, who gained an ideal indirect light setting.

Once again, this year Michael Rahr designed quite the show extraordinaire at Apollo stage. This included no fewer than 96 Q-7 multifunction wash, blind and strobe fixtures, 24 P-5 wash lights, 96 SixPack blinders and 36 G-spot moving heads, providing one powerful LED lighting show. 

Supplier to Apollo was Vigsø Light and Show Design (Q-7, P-5 and SixPack) and VIP Lyd Lys Laserudlejning (G-Spot). Technical manager of VIP, Allan Mortensen, believes the market has been anticipating an IP65 moving head for several reasons: “It’s unique, it cuts the power consumption in half compared to our previous lamps, and we save money and time by choosing the G-spot. Both our clients, the insurance companies and we are fed up with water damaged lighting fixtures, but now we don’t have to worry about that any longer,” he states. VIP further delivered 24 Q-7 for Orange stage.

Kasper Lange, who was LD for this year’s spectacular Eurovision Song Content, implemented 25 G-Spot moving heads and 25 X-5 strobes into his design for Orange stage. These were also delivered by Vigsø Light and Show Design. Company owner, Christian Vigsø, gave no second thoughts about investing in his rental fleet of SGM products. “It was an easy decision as the demand for the products is high and continues to increase. I feel confident that their lamps will become industry standards over the next few years and it’s important for me to be a first mover on the wave of success created by SGM”, he states.

Being a lighting designer himself, he has been working with many of the SGM products on Roskilde Festival, which to him stretches the limits of lighting creativity. “Suddenly, you don’t have to consider the environments when making up new designs and ways to illuminate objects. These fixtures revoke the need for canopies, without having to compromise the light output or performance. And what a shame it would have been to hide the fixtures. SGM nailed it with this design,” Vigsø explains.

Roskilde Festival keeps pushing the boundaries for lighting creativity with their team of highly skilled lighting designers. Again this year, they demonstrated innovative thinking using the SGM fixtures as the paintbrush for their canvasses.

Tent CyanPhoto: Janus Bjaaland Dahl

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