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Sound to Sea

Dbn uses P-5s to light up theatrical “Sound to Sea” event in Glasgow

Thursday, October 02, 2014

The Manchester-based rental company dbn recently acquired 24 of SGM’s P-5 low profile LED wash lights. One of their first high profile appearances was at a major outdoor arts event named Sound to Sea in Glasgow, tied in with this summer’s Commonwealth Games. This very special night-time nautical extravaganza included several live artists, bands, aerialists, pyro effects; all in all around 140 performers and no less than 14 ships contributed to the magical show. Dbn was asked by the Glasgow-based arts organization Cryptic to collaborate on the project. 

It was all staged at the Canting Basin on the River Clyde. The expansive and varied nature of this temporary theatre environment was a big challenge for setting the light. To achieve the best possible solution, dbn strategically deployed 16 P-5s in total at the top and bottom of the Science Centre roof. Additionally, 8 P-5s were shooting into the basin.  

According to dbn director and senior lighting designer, Stephen Page, the purchase was not made without first carrying out a critical review of other comparable fixtures. “We reviewed and tested lots of alternatives but the P-5s were the best, and they will be suitable for a lot of diverse events.” He adds, “We were looking for even colour distribution, a good IP rating — which suits a lot of our work  — and a fixture that was nice to look at. This is a very well put together unit.”

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