ETA & SGM Steal the Show at Entech Connect 2014

Monday, September 15, 2014

There was no doubt that despite the very cold conditions during the Entech Connect Show in Melbourne during July, the interest in SGM products remains extremely hot.

“We here at ETA (Entertainment Technology Australia) were privileged to have the presence of CEO, Peter Johansen at the show along with Area Sales Manager, Tania Verma”, states David Croxton, Director of ETA, SGM’s Australian distributor.

The attendance on Entech Connect further confirmed SGM's commitment and interest in the Australian market. SGM sponsored the network evening at the show and Peter Johansen made a presentation along with some spirited comments, which kept the crowd enthralled during The Future of Lighting Discussion Panel. Lighting Designer Leroy Bennett visited as a Special Presenter for Entech and his recent extensive use of the X-5 on large world tours drew further interest for SGM.

The talk of the show was the G-Spot, which sat centrally in a perspex pond of water on the SGM stand, working faultlessly while sprayed with a fountain of water. According to David Croxton: “People could simply not help but take a second look and it drew endless comments from the stream of visitors that passed by the stand. A stunning display designed by our Technical Director, Taylor Chadwick, made SGM stand out from the competition.” Furthermore, a display of LB-100s and LT-100 pixel products also attracted plenty of attention and the organizers commented that the SGM stand was a standout at the show.


Entech Connect 5

The display of LT-100

Some of Australia's leading lighting company owners spent considerable time at the stand discussing the possibilities of adding SGM's fixtures to their range and a number of strong enquiries contributed towards the show’s success for ETA. “As ETA continues to raise the profile and interest in SGM in the Australian market, more and more people are starting to take a serious look at the quality, performance and benefits of cutting edge products”, Croxton contentedly concludes.

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