Danish Music Awards meets 50s Hollywood Theatre

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Renowned lighting designer Kasper Lange last year amazed a television audience of 120 million Eurovision Song Contest fans with his groundbreaking design for Eurovision 2014, followed by multiple TV productions.

Always with a crowded work roster, one of the LD’s subsequent prime time shows, live transmitted in Denmark, was the DMA – Danish Music Awards, the largest national award show, which has been paying tribute to Danish artists since 1989. For this show Kasper deployed 50 X-5 white LED strobes and 112 SixPack LED blinders.

Speaking of his vision for the design concept, Kasper explains: “The goal for this year’s DMA was to create a more analogue expression. For a number of years, the mainstay of the production has been lighting and video, but this year we wanted to achieve a more ‘old school theatrical design’ look for the show. Our inspiration was the entrance of an old 50s Hollywood theatre.”

Three stages accommodated the multiple artist performances and the 19 award presentations, as Kasper incorporated the uniqueness of each act into his design. “This is always the big challenge on shows with many different artists,” he explained. “Normally you create one recurring design theme that all performers use, but this time we chose to design eight different stage settings, tailor-made for each individual artist.”

For the singer MØ, a specific request for a minimalistic white universe, with lots of stroboscopic lighting, was met with the powerful X-5 LED strobe. In contrast, the pop and R&B singer-songwriter Medina aspired to a tight and digital look with clean lines. “For this design, we chose the SGM SixPacks. I used the SixPack for the first time at the Eurovision [2014] in Copenhagen and was very impressed as to how powerful this luminaire is. It is an extremely efficient compact product with an enormous output,” he concludes.

Photos: © Alexander K.

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