SGM package for Glastonbury’s Greenpeace Visitor Experience

Thursday, August 06, 2015

While the stages at Glastonbury Festival was indeed packed with SGM luminaires this year, also the Greenpeace visitor experience took advantage of the LED tools from SGM. Putting a highly creative spin on events was Ben Bailes at Oculux, who is the long-term lighting designer for Greenpeace at Glastonbury.

This year’s theme was sustainable fishing quotas and the centrepiece was a monster trawler called the Cornelis Vrolijk. Like a themed attraction it took visitors through a real life experience, showing what happens to tuna fished over quota and thrown back — and this also included a ‘Crawl / Wiggle / Slide’ area which was lit separately (‘Crawl’ formed the first phase of a chilling journey).

Bailes was tasked with enhancing the visitor experience by creating total 3D immersion, both sonically and via illumination, and accomplished this with tools from SGM.

While P-5s, sourced from White Light, washed the monster ship over the nets, 195 x LB-100 strings (with 12 x ILD controllers) from Blueprint Events served the Crawl space. Blueprint also supplied Artnet switches and Madrix software.

“For the P-5s I used a 21° medium lens at full brightness, which produced excellent colour,” he said. And by using movement sensors the LB-100s created “clear 3D waves of lighting to match the swell of the ship.” These were Madrix triggered by a Raspberry Pi, while 'The Engine Room' (the Greenpeace stage area) was on a Vista M1 wing, with SGM X-5s among the effects. The field lighting was run from Showcad Artist.

“We like to use the best tools for the job and SGM was the obvious choice,” he summarised, at the same time praising the support given by White Light and Blueprint.

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