SGM’s LED lights up MFF convention

Monday, August 31, 2015

Midwest FurFest celebrates the social phenomenon of ‘Furries’, which embraces elements from different subcultures. A Furry is often a fictional anthropomorphic animal with human characteristics and a so-called fursona.

It all originates from a science fiction convention in the 80s, then developed into an internet culture in the 90s, which has later grown worldwide through gatherings called Meetups.

At Midwest FurFest around 4,500 attendees gathered at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare in Chicago, Illinois.

The dance room was well-equipped with SGM luminaires:

6 x X-5 LED strobes
10 x G-Spot moving heads
10 x Q-7 flood blind strobes
13 x SixPack blinders
18 x P-5 wash lights

The success repeated itself at Furcon San Jose, California with:

4 x X-5 LED strobes
2 x SGM Synthesis 700
2 x Giotto Spot 400
18 x G-Spot moving heads
20 x SixPack blinders
10 x Q-7 flood blind strobes
28 x P-5 wash lights

Check out how the powerful SGM LED package adds energy to the MFF 2014:

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