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SGM package for Bergenbier Friendship Tour

Thursday, December 17, 2015

This year’s Bergenbier Friendship Tour visited six locations in Romania offering music and a great atmosphere for all the festivalgoers. This, the third edition of the festival, reunited the biggest music bands for the tour. SGM’s partner, FIVE’S International, provided full technical support for the entire event.

As a main part of the equipment list were an extensive range of SGM LED luminaires, including 6 x G-Spot moving heads, 4 x P-5 wash lights, 2 x Q-7 flood blind strobe lights, 30 x SixPack blinders, 12 x X-5 LED strobes and 8 x XC-5 colour LED strobes.

Lighting designer Alin Popa, who worked closely together with production manager Marius Teodosiu, explains: “During the Bergenbier tour, using the G-Spot on front truss was natural choice for me to take advantage of that wonderful IP-65 rating. This moving head can function as front light wherever we needed it to be or can offer the audience its powerful output of 17,000 lumens. Of course, the generous zoom is extremely helpful also.

The X-5 and XC-5 strobes helped me a lot, because, from my perspective, they are powerful, respond quickly to my needs and they can stay in blinder mode as long as I want them to (differing from traditional strobes). At the same time, from the customer’s perspective, the one who picks up the bill for the electricity, it offers a power consumption 10 times less than a traditional fixture.”




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