Mystic Nights thanks to SGM weatherproof technology

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Light show in the Park of the Gardens in Oldenburg

For already the ninth time the late summer event “Mystic Nights” took place in Bad Zwischenahn in Germany. This year it was themed “poetry and erotic.”
Happening on three evenings, each on the second weekend of September the event was able to fascinate thousands of people.
With nightfall the park landscape melted together with impressive light installations, huge objects, dubious shrouds of mist and mystical music into the largest artistic light production in the north-west.

Gruppen MG 1683 CR2 1024X683

Sculptures illuminated by SGM P-2 compact wash lights


Open-hearted presentations of the blazing life could be found in the large European parks of rococo, baroque and the renaissance.
Owner of the executing agency, Gundel Latanza said that nowadays parks are only produced for sports, games and excitement and that they want to bring back the philandering and the coquetry.

The main objective for the use of LED technology was the reduction of energy consumption. And since the weather is never reliable, the organizers decided to use weatherproof LED technology by SGM. The energy consumption was reduced by two-thirds and significantly less cables had to be used.

MG 1704 1024X683

Sculptures and vegetation illuminated by SGM P-5 and P-2. The sculpture in the background is lit up by ten G-Spots.


Longtime co-operation partner Active Blue GmbH & Co KG positioned about 450 floodlights (most of them IP65 certified) as well as a dozen fog machines.

The therefore used P-5 RGBW LED wash lights of SGM suited perfectly for several applications.
Four P-5s illuminated the look-out, which was also decorated by twenty neon tubes. SGM’s wash lights provided an impressing result with a colour spectrum from tender pastel shades to an intense blue and red tone. Beside several colour atmospheres, a high degree of brightness was also needed, therefor the P-5 has been the first choice.

Venus Grotte MG 1690 1024X683

P5 Venus Grotte MG 1566 1024X683

The Venus Grotto with P-5 wash lights for the artwork and LED PARs for the trees.


The smaller P-2’s, which are based on the technology of the P-5, were mainly used to illuminate smaller plants and sculptures.
Obtaining the perfect angle of radiation and the desired view turned out quite easy, thanks to the 3 different lens kits in 15°, 21° and 43°, which were used on both, the P-2 and the P-5.

Twelve SGM Q-7 were utilized to evenly highlight tall trees, groves and areas, due to their 110° lens. Thus, they were placed on the roof of the nearby garden restaurant together with two P-2s.

A unique light object, which wasn’t only illuminated, but which also delivered an active lightshow could be found on one of the many large lawns.
On a rondel, 10 SGM G-Spots were placed with even gaps to illuminate the silver gleaming object, as well as the night sky and the large lawn with static and dynamic views.
SGM’s G-Spot is the first professional, weather-proof profile spotlight that exists. The main reason for the use of G-Spots was the fact that this moving light is all around jet water, dust and sand proof.

Resultat Mit P5turm MG 1664 683X1024

The park's observation tower was illuminated by four P-5 wash lights.


Photos: © Harald Heckendorf

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