LED Package adds extra Dimension to Tomorrowland Experience

Thursday, July 30, 2015

When the largest annual electronic music festival took place in Boom, Belgium, this weekend, it was with attendance of around 360,000 people from all over the world. The festival opened the first chapter of the new theme Melodia with a bang.

The lighting design was extraordinary and well thought out to give the visitors the complete adventurous experience of the festival. A creative deployment of SGM LED luminaires added to this overall impression utilizing G-Spot moving heads, P-2 and P-5 wash lights, LT-200 2-metre tubes driven by TLD-612A touring drivers.

One dance room was especially well equipped with G-Spots hanging from the ceiling, surrounded each by six LT-200 3D tubes in a circular formation. On top of each moving head were mounted two compact P-2 wash lights.

Furthermore, on several stages, P-5 wash lights illuminated the first-class DJ line up as an essential element to their performances.

Photos: ©Tomorrowland 


Tomorrowland 1
Tomorrowland 2
Tomorrowland 3 Tomorrowland 5
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