LT-200 Paris installation by LIGHTLAB

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

- From a lighting designer’s point of view

During the winter months, from December 20th to February 9th 2015, LIGHTLAB’s installation called FLUXUS variation was to be found on the banks of River Seine for the appreciation of the many passers-by in the dark evening hours.


Lightlab 1

Lightlab 3




SGM has spoken to Alexandre Lebrun director of LIGHTLAB, to get more insight into the design of the beautiful lighting installation.


Alexandre Lebrun

“The intention of this work was to translate and to re-transcribe the various types of flow of our environment”, he says. “LIGHTLAB developed 3 scenarios of lights being inspired by the notion of flow; human flows – traffic, attendance and population but also the environmental and ecological flows - interminable pollution and wind, which surrounds us. These flows are translated by 3D animations using every LED as a pixel of image.”

LIGHTLAB collaborated with Lumière&Son as provider and Ville de Paris – Berges de Seine for the location. Having created lighting designs since 2008, LIGHTLAB possesses a wide pallet of skills exploring the segments of architecture, visual performances, technology and the overall experience of lighting.

For this installation, 108 2-metre LT-200 LED tubes were deployed. Each of the 3D tubes contain 54 LEDs on both sides, thus, a total of 11,664 bright points formed the tridimensional quadrangle which quickly became an attraction in Paris.







Lightlab 4



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