Light Experiments with SGM luminaires

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Architectural Association School of Architecture Visiting School initiative recently organised a workshop in collaboration with the School of Architecture in Aarhus for international students & professionals. The goal was for the students to experiment with a series of light equipment in order to gain a greater understanding of how their digital manipulations would affect the light output.

Located in the same city in Denmark, Aarhus, SGM assisted AA School in this project for the students to work with some of the latest LED technologies. Thus, the students were able to deploy the compact P-2 RGBW LED wash light and the 1-metre LT-100 graphic LED tubes from SGM.

The light experiments offered both more obvious findings, but also new information for the students from their architectural perspective such as glowing effects and light/shadow relationships adding to the aesthetics of each installation. “These effects are very interesting to study, control and develop in an architectural context,” says Visiting School Director, Jens Pedersen.

As a culmination of the workshop, the students showcased their installations. Jens Pedersen reports: “The light really elevated the pieces and produced some of the expected results, but also displayed some very interesting side effects such as colour blending.”

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