SGM lights up Culture Night 2015

Thursday, November 05, 2015

With 11 installations to prepare, ÅF Lighting once again contributed to the atmosphere of the Culture Night in the Danish capital Copenhagen. The powerful effects of 134 SGM luminaires dominated several installations and helped create the impressive glow over the city.

Jasmine Van Der Pol The annual nighttime festival filled the streets of Copenhagen as people enjoyed the versatility of the many installations this year. Lighting designer from ÅF Lighting Jasmine Van Der Pol explains the visual concept for Culture Night 2015:


“This year was very exceptional. We had so many different sites and customers to work for. Each site had its own visual identity. The Botanical Garden was, for example, all about magic and creating poetry with sound and light. The lighting in King’s Garden supported a guided tour through the park with a storyteller unfolding the hedonistic past of the royal family with secrets, love affairs, temptation and desire. The installation at DAC [Danish Architecture Center] was based on the theme ‘building with light’. It was an interactive installation, where the audience were invited to build up their own light scenes for the façade. For Kunstforeningen Gl. Strand [an art society] we did façade lighting that expressed the ‘salon’ ambience with a projection inspired by a chandelier. So every project was actually quite different.”

Supplied by rental companies FilmGEAR and Vigsø Light and Show Design, the 134 SGM luminaires consisted of the G-Spot moving head, P-5 wash lights, Q-7 flood blind strobes, SixPack blinders, LT-100 LED tubes as well as Palco 3 and Palco 5.


IP65 rating, LED light and powerful output
“We chose to use SGM fixtures because of their performance. They are powerful, come with good optics and are easy to use. We especially like the P-5 range. They are so strong that you can use them for all big structures, facades, high trees etc. The G-Spot is also fantastic. It is very powerful as an image projector,” Jasmine comments.

In general, positioning of the luminaires across the city had ÅF Lighting’s full focus: “The possibilities to place luminaires are limited during a festival, but we absolutely wanted to ensure the visual comfort of people visiting the sites. So we needed to position the luminaires in such ways that people would not be able to look into the light sources or that the direct view was minimized. You want people to see the effect and not the luminaires,” Jasmine states.

Besides the fixtures’ powerful performance and compact chassis, two other important factors influenced the decision-making process which turned out to SGM’s advantage: LED and IP65 rating. “During an event we want to use colours and we want to adjust them or use them in a dynamic way. That’s why we opted for LED. The IP65 rating was additionally a very critical requirement for all installations, except from the one under the roof of Nørreport Station. But the P-5s with the wide beam of 43˚ are just so effective that we decided to install Nørreport Station with this range anyway,” she says.

The Palmhouse at The Botanical Garden provided a special challenge for ÅF Lighting due to its sheer size and the fact that the lighting was to be synchronized with sound. Students from Sonic College as well as FilmGEAR assisted in this major task. “The Palmhouse is very big, and we really needed to make the place stand out during the evening. We needed a lot of light, but also the right proportion of light that reveals the volume, and some accent light for creating visual interest.” For this the P-5 wash light proved essential luminaire due to its ability to output a staggering 23,500 lumen of light from a 8.9kg chassis in combination with the LT-100 tubes, which created the accents in the shape of fireflies and rain effects. “Together the products created a wonderful and poetic scenery,” Jasmine concludes.

Having deployed SGM lights for Culture Night as well as other projects, Jasmine Van Der Pol can confirm that she is already envisioning new applications with the fixtures. But before moving on to the next project, she enjoys the retrospect of a successfully completed event, where the Copenhagen night was bathed in lights for a festive and exclusive atmosphere.

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 The Botanical Garden: P-5, LT-100, Palco 3, Palco 5                                 Nørreport Station: P-5


Photos: © Esben Oxholm

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