The importance of IP65 rating

Friday, November 13, 2015

At SGM, IP rating is much more than ensuring that the products are waterproof. Doubtless, that is an important factor, but an IP65 rating also eliminates the accumulation of other ‘foreign’ and damaging particles such as dust, dirt and sand. This in turn benefits the user by not only saving him time and costs for cleaning, but also by greatly enhancing the longevity of the internal electronics and optics of the fixture.

Conventional lights are placed inside a dome for both indoor and outdoor installations, where they could be exposed to water/dust. The dome is intended to offer some protection to the fixture, but it requires a constant airflow to be created inside for the luminaire to be kept cool. While the forced airflow provides cooling, it also transmits the outside humidity, dust and smoke residue to the ‘domed unit’.

When a conventional light is exposed to humidity, it will over time go through a corrosion process causing costs for maintenance and repair. Even in worst case scenario of a turbulent weather, a SGM IP65 rated LED fixture simply requires the front lens to be wiped off, which is a huge time and cost saver, effectively eliminating the need for cleaning and maintenance, while benefitting from the prolonged lifetime of the product.

Furthermore, a dome has a polycarbonate skin, which enables the light to project through the dome. But polycarbonate has two negative sides to it; it reduces the light output and contrast of the luminaire dramatically. Besides, placing a luminaire under a dome can generate unwanted noise from the movements of its fan in the enclosed environment. It can also generate condensation on the inside of the dome, which further limits the output and distorts projection.

…These are just some of the many great reasons to opt for an IP65 rated luminaire from SGM.

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