SixPacks and Q-7s for Tokaji Amphitheatre

Monday, November 23, 2015

Set against the backdrop of the Tokaj Mountains, in a region of Hungary known for its wine and green countryside is the Tokaji Amphitheatre. Located just outside the city of Tokaj, the open-air arena was built in the area known as ‘Patkó Bànya’- the horse shoe pit - originally a stone quarry that sat unused for decades. During the ‘90s the space began to be used for the occasional festival and other events and it was through this that Istvàn Dévald, Director of the Tokaji Amphitheatre saw the spaces’ potential. Taking inspiration from the Römersteinbruch Arena in St. Margarethen, Austria, Istvàn envisioned making the quarry a fully functioning open-air theatre. Tamas Fazekas, CEO of ZAJ Show Lighting, helped Istvàn by designing the audio and lighting set-up in every aspect for the space.

For the lighting at Tokaji, Tamas and his team had to consider the environmental conditions of the venue, keeping the focus of the lighting on the stage whilst still providing enough light for the guests to see their surroundings. Tamas selected a complete LED based stage lighting system, with products from SGM amongst others.

As such, eight SGM Q-7 flood blind strobes are situated in towers on either side of the auditorium pointing towards the stage. The complete lighting system is controlled by a Jands Vista L5 lighting and media console for quick and simple operation.

In the venue’s stonewalls and surrounding areas ZAJ fitted 16 SGM SixPack LED pixel binders to create an atmospheric and a colourful background for the stage and arena. The spectator area and stonewall lighting is controlled by a Nicolaudie Sunlite STICK-DE3 lighting controller. In such a naturally beautiful and unique location it isn’t hard to see why the Tokaji Amphitheatre is appealing place to visit, and with the audio and lighting designed for all genres of music - from opera, classical, pop and even techno it can cater for all tastes.

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