Central Hall Westminster in P-5 blue as part of UN day

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

On Saturday 24 October, Central Hall Westminster was part of a worldwide initiative to mark the 70th anniversary of the formation of the United Nations (UN).

The venue joined iconic buildings and monuments such as the Great Wall of China, the Empire State Building and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, by projecting blue light across its facade, with blue being the official colour of the UN. As White Light is Central Hall Westminster’s Production Service Partner, the company provided all of the production support for the evening – with the venue being the only English landmark to be featured as part of this iconic occasion.

Central Hall Westminster has a long and historic relationship with the UN. In 1946, the venue was chosen for the very first General Assembly of the newly formed United Nations; a meeting that saw the appointment of the first Secretary General, along with the creation of the Security Council and the International Court of Justice. Paul Southern, Managing Director at Central Hall Westminster, comments: “We are extremely proud of the great heritage of our venue. The inaugural meeting of the UN is a stand-out event in our history, so it’s fitting that we lead the UK’s celebrations of the anniversary by turning the venue blue.” 

The spectacular projection utilised WL’s extensive lighting range and was created using LED uplights among these the SGM P-5 LED wash lights. Jason Larcombe, WL’s Project Manager, comments: “With Central Hall Westminster being part of such a significant event, we wanted to completely transform its exterior and make it as visually impressive as possible. As a result, we were able to draw on our state-of-the-art lighting equipment and produce something which was quite striking.”

The P-5 RGBW LED wash light is a high performance luminaire with a low power consumption. Its IP65 rating makes it ideal for outdoor events, and combined with its low footprint it can fit in at any location.  

Kevin Blackman, Senior Sales Manager at Central Hall Westminster, comments: “This was an once-in-a-lifetime event and WL managed to create an unbelievable projection which was extremely fitting for such a significant occasion. Prior to the evening, we informed their in-house team of what was required and they were able to fulfil this – something we have now come to expect.”


Photos: © White Light

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