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Dreamy SGM fixtures for DreamHack

Friday, October 30, 2015

As the world’s largest digital festival took place in Bucharest, Romania, SGM’s LED luminaires lit up the players in front of the many viewers.

Being recognised in Guinness Book of Records as the biggest LAN Party, as well as having the world’s fastest Internet connection and the most generated traffic in the world, this computer festival gathers games, eSports and international tournaments in an environment of enthusiasm, entertainment and digital culture.

Hosted annually in Bucharest since 2012, the event brings to Romania the best Counter-Strike, League of Legends and StarCraft II players of the world for tournaments where fans can watch them in action.

Computer Games Online asked FIVE’S to supply the lighting equipment for the venue at Sala Polivalenta. Thus, 36 SixPacks blinders, 10 X-5 LED strobes and six P-5 RGBW wash lights were deployed for several stage lighting effects during the show.

The SixPacks added their RGBA halogen emulating effect from the edge of the stage towards the audience as well as uplight effects behind the concentrated players. The RGBW P-5 wash lights offered colourful, pulsating effects from the top rig, and the X-5 white LED strobes added strobing effects from the middle of the scene further underlining the drama and excitement of the games.

Lighting designer Alin Popa worked on this project together with production manager Stefan Botea. Alin Popa has multiple experiences working with the LED fixtures from SGM, and has previously commended the X-5 strobes: “They are powerful, respond quickly to my needs and they can stay in blinder mode as long as I want them to (differing from traditional strobes).”

A successful DreamHack festival showed once again that eSports has become a phenomenon that must not be ignored.

These days DreamHack is taking place at Cluj-Napoca celebrating the Major CS:GO Championship.



Photos: © DreamHack 

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