P-5 Undergoes Extreme Wash Test

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

At SGM, we go to the extremes when testing the IP rating of our products. This time it is the P-5 RGBW wash light that proves that it is indeed an IP65 luminaire.



The P-5 is the most popular wash light on the market as it set new standards for its kind.

Its many advantages include:
•    High performance color LED fixture with low power consumption
•    IP65 rating
•    True LED alternative to traditional wash lights
•    Eco-friendly and economically operation
•    Easy mounting - no tools required
•    Huge variety of saturated colors and a very bright light
•    High applicability
•    Lightweight and compact construction
•    Patented RFID implemented interface and a standard built-in wireless DMX receiver
•    Interchangeable lenses (15°, 21°and 43°)

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