G-1 Beam wins Best Lighting Product of the Year 2015-2016 award

Friday, April 15, 2016

Live Design has named its 2015-2016 Products of the Year, chosen by panels of prestigious designers and programmers in the disciplines of lighting, sound, and projection. Among the winners is SGM’s fantastic G-1 Beam, which has been awarded the honorable title of Live Design Lighting Product of the Year 2015-2016 in the category Luminaires.

Peter Johansen said:
“We are truly honored to receive this award for our innovative, battery-driven G-1 Beam luminaire. This recognition is a huge testament to the compact, yet powerful moving head. We knew it was a stroke of genius – now the world knows it too!”

On June 13th CEO Peter Johansen will travel to New York to receive this prestigious award. The award will be presented at a reception, along with the Excellence In Live Design Awards and awards presented to distinguished designers.

About the G-1 Beam
With the ground-breaking G-1 Beam moving head, SGM has succeeded in offering numerous cutting-edge features in a physically compact chassis.
A sharply defined, flat and uniform beam that operates rapidly in every movement, provides intense mid-air beam effects through a high-power white LED light source and a color wheel as well as a gobo wheel. The results are high contrast levels and an extreme brightness. Adding to its uniqueness, this moving head is not only IP65-rated and maintenance-free, but also offers the option of being battery-driven with an impressive 10-12 hours of operation in typical use.

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Thank you to Live Design and the panel of judges for this award.

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