SGM news #9 is out: The Color Revolution

Monday, April 11, 2016

A new issue of SGM’s magazine is out and available to read online.

This issue features a wealth of stories from the world of SGM. We’ve included some of the greatest recent stories – both within entertainment and architecture. For example, you can read about how it is possible for SGM fixtures to survive the freezing temperatures of Igloofest in Montreal, Canada (p. 10-11), and how SGM fixtures were essential to the iconic Crane Dance display on the Bristol skyline (p. 40-41).

In SGM News #9 we’re sharing some pearls of wisdom from our very own Ben Díaz, who authors SGM’s Tech Blog. Also part of this issue is the introduction of SGM’s new range of fixtures for permanent outdoor installation; the POIs. Read all about them on p. 64-67.

To see all the good stuff, we put together for you go to SGM News #9.
Check out previous editions here.



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