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Stockholm Royal Seaport

SGM LED help transform Stockholm Royal Seaport

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The culmination of a contest organised by ÅF Lighting and a planning process of 1½ year took place one dark winter evening on November 26th 2015 at Stockholm Royal Seaport in Sweden.

As part of the International Year of Light 2015 under the patronage of UNESCO, “Win a Lighting Makeover” was organised to raise awareness about the importance of light and light design. Public spaces in 50 different sites were nominated, but the winning proposal came from the City of Stockholm in their nomination of two historic gas holders at the Royal Seaport area, which is soon up for new urban developments in the planning for 12,000 new homes, 35,000 new work spaces, infrastructure, amenities and facilities for arts and culture.

The collaboration of the City of Stockholm and ÅF Lighting drew in members of the public as 130 volunteers were invited to take part in the transformation of the usually dark historic industrial area. Carrying LED torches, filter and pixel sticks, the general public assisted the lighting designers in creating four dramatic and playful scenarios thus experiencing the power of lighting design first hand.

The transformation was completed by the deployment of LED luminaires from SGM, temporarily installed by ÅF Lighting the day before. Thus, 20 P-5 RGBW wash lights played their important role in washing the architectural structures with their far reach up the giant gas holders.  

Head of Design at ÅF Lighting, Kai Piippo, says: “I’m delighted with the results. This evening, we created art together. Using light, we managed to bring out the soul and the architectural character of these fascinating sites.”

The P-5 wash lights were selected simply because “they fit the installations perfectly” as Kai Piippo says. “We wanted to have the possibility to choose the right colours, and we knew which ones would look the best and be able to tone it perfectly,” he explains about his choice of the SGM P-5s to do the job.
The fixtures came from rental company 2rent in Stockholm.


Together; a team of eight people from ÅF Lighting led by Kai Piippo, ten people from City of Stockholm and the volunteer group of 130 people, created magic that one dark evening. “The participants are creating the lighting design together; they are making art together. After the event they can say: I contributed to this, I was a part of this,” says Kai Piippo.

The interaction with the people living in the area was an essential part of the concepts and attracted great interest. “People love seeing these spectacular buildings up close. When we invited the public to register online for the event, it was fully booked almost immediately,” informs Staffan Lorentz, Head of Development of Stockholm Royal Seaport.

Professional photographer Lennart Johansson documented the event with long expose photography to be shared with the public.

Royal Seaport 1

Royal Seaport 2

Royal Seaport 3

 Photos: © Lennart Johansson

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