TSL turns to G-Spots for Christmas illumination

Monday, January 04, 2016

With the Christmas outdoor season in full swing, and requirement to bring city centres alive with increasingly dynamic illuminations, London-based TSL Lighting has purchased a quantity of SGM’s award-winning IP65-rated G-Spots.

While some of these fixtures immediately met demand from dry hire customers, another system comprising of three G-Spots, fitted with custom gobos, has been supplied to outdoor lighting specialists, Blachère illumination. This has been deployed in Reading town centre where they are playing a major role in the town’s Christmas lighting.

Two of the G-Spots are positioned on a car park roof, projecting seasonal images such as stars, Christmas trees and snowflakes onto a large office block, while the third is on a custom mounted wall bracket projecting images onto a church tower. The projectors are controlled by two Visual Elements Cue Core systems.

“We specified the G-Spots in response to customer demand,” reports TSL Head of Projects, Andrew Cheshire. “Blachère specialise in outdoor Christmas decorations and the G-Spots will remain in situ two months in conjunction with our T-Color LED outdoor floods.”

The two companies cooperate regularly together, and Cheshire confirmed that a number of other similar projects were now in line, featuring the G-Spot. “Although this is the first time we have purchased these fixtures we have been well aware of them for some time.

“The main reason we opted for them is because they are IP65-rated, and we wanted an LED spot that we could leave, knowing it would run maintenance free.”

But it was far more than G-Spot’s IP65 rating that drove TSL’s purchasing decision. “We took one on demo to try it out on a project, and it passed with flying colours. The light output we were particularly impressed with and it works brilliantly through high ambient light.

“Another big advantage is that the power is on a remote timer and automatically turns itself off at the appropriate time; being LED there is no worry about lamp strikes or cooling down. It’s perfect!”

Blachère Illuminations’ Tim Roffey agreed. “We pride ourselves on being innovators in the festive lighting market place and have been looking at moving lights for the last couple of years. As our schemes have to be in place for a long time we have found limitations in all the moving light options we have previously explored.

“The SGM G-Spot is an exciting product for us and has removed a lot of the endurance and waterproofing issues we have historically encountered. I was impressed with the luminosity output of the units and the stock gobo options which made our supplementary choices a lot easier.

“G-Spot has all the features you would expect from a moving light along with effects wheel options. With TSL’s expertise we see a strong future for their stock of SGM fixtures in many more of our schemes!”

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