The obvious advantage of weather-resistant fixtures

Thursday, July 28, 2016

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This summer there has been multiple reports of lighting fixtures failing on tours and festivals under the strain of heavy rainfalls, particularly in Europe.

All standard SGM fixtures are IP65-rated and designed for all kinds of weather. But did you know that we also have a brand new range of IP66-rated fixtures called POI (stands for Permanent Outdoor Installation) designed for both architectural and entertainment applications?

Like the standards – only different
The POI fixtures are based on the familiar standard fixtures – with the same optical performance and electrical components, but optimized for permanent outdoor installations. They feature extremely bright and powerful colors and a resilient housing to protect them in outdoor environments. Engineered to endure even the most extreme weather conditions, the POIs take on rainy days, icy winters, dusty winds, extreme heat and salty sprays of seawater – eliminating the need to shield off the fixtures to protect them from the elements.

Peter Johansen, SGM CEO said:
“If you work with outdoor applications, you know that so far no other manufacturers have been able to produce truly outdoor-compatible products. Those days are over! At SGM we have developed a range of reliable permanent outdoor installation products to give Lighting Designers and Architects the possibility of incorporating entertainment lighting into architecture and vice versa.”

Meet the POIs here.

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