SGM and G-1 Beam receives the award for Best Lighting Product of the Year

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

As announced in April, SGM has won the prestigious Live Design award for Best Product of the Year for the innovative, battery-driven LED moving head; G-1 Beam. 

The ceremony took place last night and there to receive the award on behalf of SGM was Filippo Frigeri, Director of SGM Inc. He commented:

“I am really proud to work for a company like SGM that envisions a future made of watertight, dustproof, low maintenance, and hassle free LED products, like the G-1 Beam, and I would like to thank the judges for recognizing such innovation. Many thanks also to all the Lighting Designers that use our technology and help us making this industry revolution. But an even bigger thank you obviously goes to our amazing R&D team that always tries to go beyond the line of expectations. Thank you.”

As for why the G-1 Beam was chosen, Live Design wrote:
“It’s fully waterproof. It can be battery-powered. It features wireless DMX. It’s the SGM G-1 Beam”, and one judge calls it “a truly innovative technical advance”. High contrast, rapid movement, and super bright, with up to 12 hours of operation under battery power, and new, patent-pending position preset programming, the G-1 has so many features our judges praise.“

The judges consisted of a panel of designers and programmers skilled in the disciplines of lighting, sound, and projection. Further comments from the panel included:
“I love this light. It’s a clever fixture that has great uses for many applications.”
“One of the most innovative fixtures on the market, and SGM is one of the few companies that are making headway in environmental innovations within our industry, solving the inevitable problems that come along with fixtures being placed out in the elements.”

Read Live Design’s full announcement here.
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