SGM LED balls for the all-new Audi A5 campaign

Monday, August 07, 2017

The Audi A5 combines timeless elegance with state of the art innovative technology. For their latest campaign, a team of exceptional creatives were brought together to craft an image celebrating the A5. Set builders assembled an astonishing physical installation of 3,600 SGM LED balls suspended above the car’s sleek frame. Director Benedict Redgrove was on hand to ensure that all the curves of the most ‘beautiful car ever made’ were showcased in the images.



In the making of Imagination Made, Photographer and Director, Benedict Redgrove says:
“The initial concept was to show the birth of an idea – an artificial intelligence having its very first thoughts and dreams. And so I came up with the idea of a lighting installation, which would allow us to move light and flow light. And give that idea that something sparks; the first flashes of an idea, and how those ideas would slowly filter and develop and transpose into something physical, and the physical thing in this case with the artificial intelligence would be dreaming or thinking about building a car, and that car was the Audi A5. There are 3,600 LED balls, each one representing an idea. Taken from the two-dimensional drawing and then taken into a three-dimensional world. The easy route for this would have been to have made it in CGI but we wanted to show the physical creative process. Audi’s designing thoughts are very much based around the purity of form and they wanted to show the same concept in our lighting installation. It’s nice to work on a process where you’re achieving something beautiful and magical. I know the designer of the A-5 says it’s the most beautiful car he has ever designed. And in turn I feel like this is the most beautiful film I have ever made.”

The final images capture both the graceful exterior of the A5 with an ethereal wave of lights showing a glimmer imaginative technology that powers it. Photography by Benedict Redgrove and Art direction by Vinny Olimpio.

The SGM LED balls were supplied by Motion Light and Madrix software were used to control them.

Watch the making of Imagination Made:

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