SGM as the sustainable choice

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Environmental protection on stage

In the event management business, environmental protection is a relevant topic. And the good thing is; you don’t just do it for the sake of your conscience but also for objective advantages. At least that’s what Green Event Engineering’s manager Max Jenrich believes.

Green Event Engineering GmbH from Herne, Germany, is a classic full-service provider. In addition to that, managing director and agency founder Max Jenrich, has a particular view on energy efficient planning and execution of events, and that’s the main reason why he has decided on using SGM fixtures. “We mainly work in the field of business events, industry events and in technical trade fair constructions, but we’re also active in the field of live music. Since 2009, we have been touring with Germany's leading cover band ‘Fresh Music Live, which almost exclusively gets booked for business events”.

Among a lot of other equipment, Green Light Engineering has acquired a range of SGM Quadra Indoor 2.9 LED walls, G-Spot moving heads, P-5 and P-1 wash lights, XC-5 color strobes and LD-5 LED domes to their stock. Asking Max Jenrich why he prefers SGM’s LED products, he doesn’t have to think long about his answer: “Definitely quality and efficiency. The products are the result of incredibly good workmanship, and have an extremely good output in comparison to their energy consumption. In addition, the core production of the fixtures is not placed in Far East but at their HQ in Denmark. Also, the SGM products have been industry standards fairly long, which positively influences the balance sheet”.

Efficiency and environment are important keywords for the company, because ‘green’ is not only a part of their name but an underlying philosophy. As the industry begin to unravel the complexities of corporate social responsibility and take active steps in reducing the way their businesses infringe upon the environment, Max Jenrich is also noticing awareness from his customers: "I observe that our customers are demanding more transparency as they take an increasing interest in the ethical practices of those they do business with, an attitude growing slowly but steadily. Many customers often comment on the phone "You must be expensive"; somehow sustainability is still linked to being expensive, but the fact is that our prices remain market-fair and dumping-free”.

For Green Event Engineering, various advantages come out of their sustainability strategy. Max Jenrich states: “Financially and practically we have a lot of good results, when we use low energy lamps. When I can achieve the same effect with less energy, I’m not the only one who profits. When the topic LED comes up, there is still a lot of discussion, but the good old blinder era is definitely over and everybody should just realize that. Rock ’n’  Roll has its image, but it doesn’t have to be wasteful. The development in this area is really moving fast and we see the established lighting manufactures build more and more efficient classic lighting. The really big steps are still coming along slowly, as it is much too often still the price that influences the end-users. At this point, a shift of thinking has to happen, not only with the service providers but also with the customers.

Max Jenrich has one wish: “I wish that organizers of events with high energy consumption soon are to be held liable to pay attention to efficiency and not blindly emit unnecessary CO2 just because it’s cheaper for the company.”

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