Sustainable SGM lights for Glasto’s Greenpeace Field

Friday, September 01, 2017

Party vibes were strong, pure and never-ending at Worthy Farm, when the 47th edition of Festivals are times to celebrate positive solutions to our earthly contemporary issues and thus ‘Stand for Forrest’ was a key message at this year’s Glastonbury’s Greenpeace Field. The huge rocket from last year was transformed into a show-stopping 20m tree, where DJ’s played until the early hours washed in colorful and beautiful SGM light. The huge tree came alive at night and was a must see feature this year for the 170,000 festival guests.

The Greenpeace Field at Glastonbury festival has long been popular among festival-goers thanks to their free hot showers and delicious veggie food available at their cafe. This year their mission was to spread awareness regarding deforestation, and the main attraction was an artificial tree created to emphasize the important role forests play in maintaining the health of our planet. At night, it served as a hub for DJ sets and during the day it stood tall as an environmental beacon. Did you know that an area of rainforest the size of Glastonbury is destroyed every 15 minutes?

Sustainable lighting choice for an important environmental message
When you build a tree with such a sustainability message, it better be sustainable and Greenpeace and their creative team came through with nothing less. They made sure the tree structure was build out of carbon positive building materials, renewable wood from well-managed Irish forests and of course the lighting also had to be the sustainable choice. Several SGM G-Spots, G-4s and G-1s were rigged in- and outside the tree; all fixtures designed to deliver stunning colors and superior optical performance, regardless of location and meteorological conditions. Not only are all fixtures deployed IP65-rated and thus maintenance-free and multi-environmental, they also guarantee a long LED lifetime and a low power consumption.


Glastonbury Greenpeace Tree


The Greenpeace Glastonbury Build Crew spent nearly two months constructing the structures in the Greenpeace Field in preparation for the 5-day music festival. The Greenpeace Field, which also featured a skate ramp, a climbing wall, Power Ballad Yoga and a Virtual Reality Dome allowing visitors to be immersed within the Amazon Rainforest, was entirely illuminated by SGM lights.

The Worthy Farm goes fallow next year, but all the merry festival-goers will surely be back, come rain or come shine. No matter weather conditions or environmental messages, SGM fixtures prove year after year to be the right choice for any outdoor event.

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