SGM Featured at 2017 Lights in Alingsås

Monday, December 11, 2017

Since 1999, Lights in Alingsås has been a yearly tradition, bringing together lighting designers and design, architecture, and electrical students to create multiple beautiful light installations. The five-week long festival is the culmination of an intensive week-long workshop, where the lighting designers and students work intensively to artistically illuminate various public spaces. The 2017 edition was another huge success, where SGM was represented on three different sites.

Using lights, the seven installations beautifully let the audience on a breathtaking feelings journey, with each site displaying stunning lighting designs, all representing different emotional states.

With help from SGM’s G-4 Wash-Beam, site three portrayed the feelings one gets during a lifetime; with one end of the installation representing the past and negative aspects, while the other end represented the future with personal and professional growth.

Site four was an installation created at the courthouse, to transmit the feelings and experiences one goes through in such a setting.

“Our idea was to show how different stages of concern move within a building structure depending on different scenarios,” explained lighting designers Simon Malmström and Magnus Almung.

SGM’s G-Profile projector was used to illuminate the pathway towards the courthouse entrance escorted by music, dramatically building up the tension. Then, framed by the G-Profile, the audience would reach the front door, marking the beginning of the process.

“We chose the G-Profile because we needed to create an effective movement with a limited amount of installed light sources, not only inside the building, but also outside,” said Malmström and Almung about their choice of fixture.

Using mainly SGM fixtures, site six creatively portrayed the psychological term of transference as a means to pursue happiness.

“I wanted to work with single addressable pixels with low resolution to convey movement over a reflective surface such as the river. That was achieved using SGM’s IP65-rated LB-100 LED balls, which were very easy to assemble,” said lighting designer Miguel Angel V. Calanchini.

Calanchini explained that the water pump house could be seen as a metaphor for a dynamic change of energy in his light installation “The Magic Transference to Happiness” also called “How Do you make Blue a Happy Color?” Calanchini was very pleased with how well the SGM luminaires worked for this installation.

“SGM’s compact P-2 is amazing for color washing, and the P-5 has become my new favorite,” stated Calanchini.

The aim of the 2017 edition of the annual Swedish lights event in the southern town of Alingsås was to “transmit feelings with the help of light.” With around 85,000 visitors, it is safe to say the event was a huge success.

Lights in Alingsås 2017

Alingsås, Sweden

Event Manager
Angelica Larsson

Workshop Manager
Margaretha Stenmark

Patrik Gunnar Helin

Photo copyright
Alingsås Energi AB

Planning and Design - Site 3:

Lighting Designers
Birgitte Appelong and Mats Bergström
Hannah Svensson
Johanna Håkansson
Mikael Nyström
Andreas Ramdahl
Beika Portocarrero
Juanma Valencia
Niklas Olausson
Andreas Karlsson
David Lärnefjord

 Site 3 Team 

Planning and Design - Site 4:

Lighting Designer
Simon Malmström and Magnus Almung
Bertil Göransson
Design students:
Abimael M. Mendés
Linus Karvik
Emilie Philqvist
Natalie Schreiber
Lisa Toft
Casper Kjellström
Electrical Students:
Calle Johansson
Lukas Rönnberg
Simon Wallin
 Site 4 Team
Planning and Design - Site 6:

Lighting Designer:
Miguel Angel V. Calanchini MIES, Assoc. IALD
Fredrik Winqvust
Design Students:
Celia Correia
Nagla Zaafarany
Rafael Maia
Ana Gabriela Hurtado Rios
Francisco Silva
Hélió Pereira
Electrical Students:
Johan Blinzinger
Nicolai Di Nella
Johannes Johansson
Rasmus Hidesjö

 Site 6 Team
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