G-1 Beams beat the elements at Illumination Sensation show

Monday, January 30, 2017

The Illumination Sensation show kicked off in autumn 2016 at the State Fair of Texas. This show featured acrobatics, music and fireworks accompanied by exquisite lighting.

The show was produced by Interlaced Productions and in speaking with the show’s Executive Producer, Scott Britt, he said:

“The primary concern was that the lighting units needed to be suitable for outdoor use and easily powered/connected surrounding the Aerialist rig in the fountain. We were looking for fixtures that would give some great gobo effects to focus attention on the performers.”

Sorting out the market, the G-1 Beam from SGM was undoubtedly the right fixture for the job. The Texas heat, storms and rain showers were no struggle for the G-1 Beam either. As Scott stated:

“The SGM products provide a unique solution that doesn’t require the use of domes or housings for the fixtures.”

SGM not only provided the durability and weatherproofing that Scott was looking for, but also provided him with fixtures that have the option of being cable free with wireless DMX control and battery-driven operation:

“The SGM fixtures were great, as they were relatively easy to setup and compact while still being punchy enough to show up in the air.”

All SGM fixtures come IP65-rated/IP66-rated and are maintenance-free. However, this does in no respect compromise the quality of the light output, as they are high-profile and function at the professional level expected by lighting designers around the world.



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