The story of a beautiful Timecode

Wednesday, January 11, 2017



Recently, The Light Design finished their 3rd edition of The Light Design Timecode contest which was made in cooperation with SGM. The videos submitted all look amazing and one in particular is generating a lot of buzz. Amir Cohen from Israel had a very different approach to his video and the result is nothing short of spectacular.

Amir Cohen elaborates on working with the SGM fixtures:

"I checked out the SGM products, G-Spot and G1-Beam, and they looked like something else, not like ordinary moving lights. They were more like warriors, warriors from outer space, with their bold design and shape, so I immediately knew that those fixtures didn’t belong on a truss. They needed a fight on a field, this video was going to be Epic! Using a SGM fixture for the warrior’s head, the next thing I needed was a body. By manipulating three-dimensional objects and surfaces mainly from the Hello world, I created a warrior’s body that matched the head perfectly."

You can explore the amazing universe he created here:


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