SGM G-4 Wash illuminates NFL Draft Entrance Portal

Friday, June 30, 2017

NFL Draft


More than 80 years after the inaugural drafting of football players in 1936, the NFL Draft returned to Philadelphia for a weekend celebrating the newest additions to fans’ favorite teams. Eight SGM G-4 Wash fixtures took part in the event ensuring key lighting at the entrance portal. 

“SGM G-4 Washes provided the key lighting for hanging sponsorship banners and the NFL Crest at the Entrance Portal”, said Bandit Lites’ Client Representative Shawn Lear. The G-4 Wash is a lightweight and compact high-power Fresnel wash light with superb color mixing and very low power consumption. Furthermore, its IP65-rating was a crucial feature for the event: “This year was especially impressive given each day of the draft was held entirely outdoors (a first for the league).”  said Lear. 

C3 Presents once again tasked Bandit Lites to provide critical lighting throughout the NFL Draft experience. The second the clock started on the NFL team making its decision and announcing that round’s pick for the upcoming season, Bandit illuminated critical lighting areas to the representing team’s colors. This included the NFL Draft Entrance Portal, where more than 250,000 fans streamed through to experience the NFL Draft, making it the most attended Draft in history. 

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