P-5s highlight Nike's Breaking2 marathon event

Monday, June 12, 2017

A heavy load of P-5 wash lights from SGM ensured a proper light setting for the running track in Monza, Italy. The fixtures were installed on high trusses, each holding four. They were located on each side of the track, making sure that the ambience was just right, adding colored light.

The event took place at May 6 2017, where three runners attempted to break the two-hour marathon barrier. It was closed to the public, however, Nike made sure to live transmit the entire session.


About Breaking2

Nike had an audacious goal with Breaking2: to enable a sub two-hour marathon time. Many consider this feat impossible. It requires reducing the current men’s world record time of 2:02:57 by three percent. However, that challenge is exactly what drives Nike; the impossible is an opportunity to envision the future of sport. Eliud Kipchoge finished with a time of 2:00:25, 2:32 faster than the current world record.

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