SGM Luminaires Stocked Heavily at Deep South Productions

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Over the past two years, SGM Lighting Inc. and Deep South Productions have worked together building a strong business relationship and Deep South Productions has invested heavily in a variety of SGM LED fixtures keeping their inventory at the cutting edge. Located in Louisiana, Deep South Productions is gearing up the southern states with a large SGM stock ranging over wash lights, strobes and moving heads.

“I have been using SGM products since 1996 and had a bunch of Giottos and Flashers. When we needed to move towards LED, we became very enthusiastic about these products,” says Rich Barrett, Head Lighting Designer and Programmer of Deep South Productions.

Products available for rent include G-Spot, G-Wash, Q-7, X-5, G-1 Beam, and G-1 Wash with the option of being battery-driven. With this wide range of fixtures and a stockholding of nearly 200 units, end-users with projects of any size and for any occasion will be well-equipped through Deep South Productions.

All SGM fixtures are IP65/66 rated and fully weatherproof. With the capability to combat the heat, humidity, rain, and dust while running at the highest performance, SGM utilizes a patented dehumidifier technology to outlast any season or storm. These LED fixtures also output extremely bright, yet saturated colors, for an impactful display while maintaining low power consumption.

“We never considered doing festivals prior to purchasing SGM products. Our whole philosophy for doing shows has changed 180 degrees. Now we have a chance to make a change. Having fixtures that work in rain or shine is invaluable and extremely powerful,” claims Barrett.


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Reliability with a small footprint
This summer, Deep South Productions provided [12] SGM G-1 Wash moving head fixtures to use for a temporary install. Performing at the H2O Pool and Bar Concert Venue at Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino alongside artists such as Hank Williams, Lee Brice, Jason Derulo, Flo Rida and more, the G-1 Wash stands up against all elements. This fixture was chosen for its ability to fit into smaller venues with the option of a battery-powered operation. The sleek and compact Danish design allows the G-1 Wash to fit into any stage design while being versatile and compact for relocation. This high-power LED fixture will output a bright, saturated color over long distances making them the perfect choice for both entertainment and architectural applications.

Barrett states, “We needed to find a fixture that was waterproof and easily movable. We had experimented a lot with the G-1 Wash to see what it could do. The DMX is very solid and strong. It’s a reliable tool and differential to others.”

A unique feature of the G-1 Wash is that it comes with the option of being battery-driven, delivering up to 14 hours of operation. It has a minimum safety distance of only 0.3 meters, and weighing a mere 8.6 kg/19 lbs including three batteries, the G-1 Wash is easy to move around on set.

“For the H2O Concert Series, we are using [8] downstage, [2] for mid stage backlight and [2] upstage for backlight and the drummer position. The G-1 Wash is a powerful accent tool to go along with the rest of the SGM products on the H2O lighting rig. They’re a great highlight fixture and are providing the main horsepower or this show. They’re perfect. We need more,” Barrett concludes.

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