SGM lights for Jeff Lynne’s ELO on “Alone in the Universe” Tour 2017

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

When English songwriter and lead singer for Electric Light Orchestra, which was reformed as Jeff Lynne’s ELO back in 2014, went on tour, the lighting design was once again in the safe hands of award-winning Tim Routledge.

With the tour being wrapped up at a sold out show at London’s Wembley Stadium, the grand stage set-up with a custom built version of ELO’s iconic UFO, mounted on a huge pylon designed Misty Buckley, had been seen by thousands of audiences.

For this large-scale lighting design, Tim Routledge drew on no less than 177 SGM Q-7 flood/blind/strobes, 16 G-4 Wash-Beams, 34 G-Spot moving heads and 24 SixPack blinders, together with other lighting packages.

Tim Routledge explains:
“We had G-Spots uplighting both the column that held up the spaceship plus 16 units across the top of the screens to light the underside of the UFO. The Q-7 strobes were mounted in the back wall as well as 200 units in the spaceship itself. We also used G-4 Wash-Beams under the bands canopy as key light for Jeff and the band. The SixPacks were deployed on the top of the PA wings.”


Jeff Lynne S ELO Tim Routledge

Tim Routledge on location

Production: Chris Vaughan of CV Productions
Lighting and Creative Design: Tim Routledge
Creative Design: Misty Buckley
Staging Design: a hybrid of Mark Fisher’s stages by Stageco
Video Content: Ben Ib
Programming: Tom Young
Lighting supplier: Neg Earth, led by Ian Lomas and project managed by Caroline Beverley & Dave Ridgway.
Photos: Tim Routledge Lighting Design

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