SGM fixtures enhance the architecture of Andrej Bagár Theatre

Monday, September 11, 2017

Andrej Bagár Theatre in Nitra, one of the most renowned theatres in Slovakia, will celebrate its 25th anniversary in September 2017, which led the management to gifting the building with a new outdoor look. The decision was made to remove all the old fixtures, which had not been properly used for years, and most importantly due to their unacceptable high-power consumption. The old fixtures were replaced by powerful SGM LED outdoor wall washers, and the installation of fixtures, cables and control unit was carried out in April 17.

Technology provider, City Light Slovakia, delivered the light package consisting of a range of SGM’s architectural POI (Permanent Outdoor Installation) fixtures in white housings to accommodate to the surroundings and the aesthetics of the building. Each SGM fixture is based on LED technology, ensuring the low power consumption requested, and comes in a resilient IP66-rated housing.

After running a detailed performance test of individual lights in requested areas, the P-5 POI with three different optics and the Q-7 POI were selected as the perfect luminaires. Due to the high resolution RGBW color mixing of the SGM fixtures, the theatre façade is now perfectly illuminated with the color effects desired.

Five SGM Q-7 POI and nine SGM P-5 POI with 15°, 21°, and 43° optics were deployed to achieve the lighting design for the light marble façade, which is striped with glass panels. The roof and the chimney are illuminated by three Q-7 POI and three P-5 POI with 43° optics. The pillars near the main entrance are illuminated by two P-5 POI with 15° optics, while another two with 21° optics are utilized for the building’s entrance sign. The side walls in the front of the theatre are washed in saturated colors by two Q-7 POI, and likewise those on the backside by two P-5 POI with 43° optics mounted on ventilation towers. All the lights are controlled by a wall-mounted Sunlite STICK DE3.

The visual aim for the theatre is for the architecture to stand out in perfect white light with color lighting as an additional benefit intended to be used during special occasions, e.g. on premieres. For such events, the color display will be selected specifically to enhance or represent the particular dramatization.

The Andrej Bagár Theatre building belongs to the architectural town center and is one of the main structural monuments of the Svätopluk Square in Nitra. Now, thanks to suitable illumination of its façade, it serves as a beacon, beautifying the area.

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