SGM LB-100s add dimension as flexible backdrop

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Working with the Danish award-winning band Carpark North since 2014, renowned Lighting Designer Johnny Thinggaard Lydiksen raised the bar at this year’s festival tour, creating a unique 16-meter-wide LED screen as fuse to mind blowing visuals. The 5,8m long LB-100 LED ball strings complimented the 5 4,5x2m video screens, while creating a flexible stage screen perfect for different stage sizes on tour.

Combining Denmark’s top band within electro rock with one of the most influential lighting designers in the country was a perfect match for spoiling festival audiences with a creative and first-class show.
We went on a site visit with Johnny prior to Carpark North’s show at Denmark’s now second biggest festivals, Smukfest, joined by 25,000 music fans.

Perfect scenographics in no time
“I wanted to create a large background behind our video system, adding an extra dimension. At first, I worked with traditional video screens but due to the rapid 45-minute stage changeovers at festivals, it was impossible to realize considering the size of the production,” Johnny explained. He added that he had first discovered the SGM LB-100 as a guest at a corporate event and immediately noted to himself that one day he would have to try to build a big video screen out of them.

“In addition to how quickly the “SGM curtain” can be rigged, I have fallen in love with the lo-res output, which appears a little like 8 bits compared to hi-res video screens. The result is a contrasted expression and it fits the music and our creative vision perfectly,” he affirmed.

Johnny is very much fueled by the band’s passion for their own art; he calls it an inspiration in itself and he enjoys to interpret and express their music. Darkness, contrast and timing is key for their productions and Johnny elaborated on how he loves simple and clean visual expressions. To him, those three ingredients broaden the possibilities to put the artists in focus without lighting directly on them, resulting in the strong graphic display for which they aimed. -
The LB-100 LED balls came through as expected creating an astonishing scenographic effect.

IP65-rated LED balls
SGM’s LB-100 LED balls are designed to form a video light curtain with a 120-mm pixel pitch. Each curtain string is 0.85 meter and contains seven 28mm LED balls, with two powerful RGB LEDs built into each of the white plastic spheres. The strings can extend to a maximum length of 6.8 meters (using 56 balls) consuming just 42 W.

The IP65-rating makes them the perfect choice for any outdoor events such as festival scenes, and the 360° view angle adds to the designer’s possibilities to create alluring 3D spatial effects. Johnny’s massive backdrop added that dimension and subtle underlining of the band that he had envisioned to the delight and enjoyment of the many fans throughout the tour.

Lighting Designer & Set Design: Johnny Thinggard Lydiksen
Content Creator: Morten Thorhauge
Video & Light Technicians: Christian Sørensen & Johan Kvartborg
Production Manager: Tobias Berg
SGM LB-100 supplied by: VIGSØ A/S
Light & Video production: Comtech A/S
Venue: Smukfest 17 - Stjernescenen


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